About Me



Disney Heaven is an unofficial. independent Disney fan site. Dedicated to the memory of Walt Disney, himself; I am only here to honor his memory and his works as a loyal Disney fan. Disney Heaven started out as a small, one-page website offering guests clipart, music midis, and such in February 2000. Disney Heaven is dedicated to bringing Disney fans together to share their love of Disney and its magic!

Over the past several years, through my own experiences, those of others, and endless research on my part - Disney Heaven has begun to expand offering more detailed information on Disney. And while I hope to increase my knowledge and share it with other Disney fans, I am still devoted to our younger Disney guests, as well. I hope to include more interactive fun for them in the future.

Well that's about it, so go ahead...kick off those shoes, grab a Coke, sit back and stay awhile. I hope you enjoy your stay here at Disney Heaven!